On-Line Magazine Interface

Utilizing BCT’s proprietary interface, your magazine can be presented on-line in digital format. The result of the presentation is a very believable virtual magazine experience. Readers describe the experience as reading a magazine, not looking at web pages.

Click one of the magazine covers below to have a look at samples of the magazines BCT Publishing has brought to the web. Your titles could be next.

Automotive Traveler

Automotive Traveler Volume 2 Issue 1

The inaugural BCT project, Automotive Traveler Magazine, can be seen at Automotive Traveler Magazine.

Legendary Cougar Magazine

Legendary Cougar Magazine Volume 2, Issue 3

Legendary Cougar Magazine is an enthusiast magazine created by classic Mercury Cougar enthusiasts for classic Mercury Cougar enthusiasts. Legendary Cougar Magazine is the only print magazine ever devoted to the Classic Cougar. It is available on-line in BCT Publishing’s digital format as well as in a print version.

Legendary American Motors Magazine

Legendary American Motors Volume 1, Issue 1

Whether it’s an article featuring one of our subscriber’s own American Motors classics, an in-depth technical article provided by one of our contributing experts, or a how-to article submitted by one of our subscribers, the idea behind Legendary American Motors Magazine is to enrich the classic American Motors community.

Legendary Corvette Magazine

Legendary Corvette Demo

Legendary Corvette Magazine is another automotive-enthusiast title in development.

Instant-Delivery On-Line Subscriptions

If you want to produce a subscription-only magazine, newsletter, or catalog, BCT Publishing’s instant-delivery on-line subscriptions is what you need. With it, you can make one or more issues subscription-only. Subscribers can be added via products in an e-commerce-based web site.

If you’re ready to take your magazine online, or for more information, contact BCT Publishing now.