The buzz in the publishing world is always about new beginnings.

It makes for timely stuff, but in most cases. not much is going to be very different from one day to the next. That is not the case at BCT Publishing; just about everything is new.

The way we deliver the content, the way you can share it with friends, and the way we do business is all changing. We are changing because it is the only way to go forward. Increasing costs of printing, paper, and postage have rocked the publishing world. We have to adapt. Our readers are here because they find value in the information on our pages, not in the pages themselves. We have seen this evolution in music. We are seeing it in movies. BCT Publishing is creating it in print. The only thing we know we can count on is change. How will you adapt to changes in your world?

BCT Publishing has moved to an all-digital format. Several hundred trees are breathing a collective sigh of relief. While this step does indeed do wonderful things for the environment, it also does even more for our readers and our advertisers. Take a look at one of our magazines (link) and discover our new viewer technology. The pages are sized to fit the landscape format of a your screen. The text is big enough that you can read it without zooming and scrolling on all but the smallest of screens. It is compatible with iPads and other tablets–even your smart phone.

Once upon a time the way we found things was by looking in the Yellow Pages. When was the last time you did that? Today we Google it. Once upon a time when you wanted to learn about a subject you went to a bookstore and browsed the magazine rack. Increasingly, that happens about as frequently as finding what you need in the phone book. The reason that Google won the battle is not that the results are better than the phone book, it is because all of those results are linked to even more information. And that is exactly what the links in the pages of our digital magazines provide: endless connections. You will also see a feature on the tool bar called Link. When you click this button it will provide you with a link to the exact page you are reading that you can use to send others directly to information you found useful. This is a lot easier than tearing pages out of a magazine.

After 90 days, most print magazines have taken up residence in the land fill. Ours are just getting started. Most digitized magazines are invisible to the Google spiders or bots that index everything on the web. BCT Publishing’s digital editions are different, they can be indexed and searched by the Google spiders. That means that articles in our publications will show up when people use Google to search for information. Once upon a time we used the card catalog at the library to try to glean what might be in back issues of periodicals. We are pretty sure we know which one you will use.

To learn more, please contact BCT Publishing.